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Quebec Literacy Camp, 2012

Last week, I went to Literacy camp.  Anne Legacé Dowson was the keynote speaker who talked about the importance of using social media in school to motivate students.  This was controversial, to say the least, as most of us avoid friend-ing students on Facebook.

In subsequent workshops, we saw how Kid Blog and Story Bird could be used to get children to enjoy writing and be creative.  I even had an opportunity to do a video book talk on Kid Blog.  Anne Villeneuve, a children’s author and illustrator, spoke about her work and drew a delightful sketch of her latest character within ten minutes.

It was also exciting to preview new Canadian children’s books and try out iPad apps that are suitable for children.  I scored well on Word Ninja!

What was most important for me was the connection that I made with other school board librarians and teachers at New Horizons, Lester B. Pearson and Littoral.  I had the chance to find out how they buy books for their school boards and encourage literacy.  What a great experience, but sadly, it’s the last Literacy Camp.


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