Databases of Leveled or Levelled Books

When a school board librarian receives a question twice, he or she can be sure that that others have the same question and are either too shy to ask or don’t realize that there’s a school board librarian to answer these questions.  I decided to take a deep breath and tackle the compilation of a list of free databases of leveled books.  Just writing the word leveled gives me shivers.  As a Canadian/American, do I spell it with one “l” or two?  How do I feel about leveling books?  No sixth grader wants to read a book that says it’s appropriate for 4th graders.  Do kids comprehend that an N-leveled book is supposed to be below a sixth grader’s reading level?  Is there a humiliation factor involved?
In any case, I am here to serve so please find below my not entirely comprehensive list whose links were working as of October 2012.  Also, you can click here to get a Reading Level Conversion Chart Be advised that I am not responsible for the accuracy of the leveling done by these organizations:

Beaverton School District Leveled Books Database:

Leveled Book lists:

Leveled Books Database:

Portland Public Schools Leveled Book Database:


Scholastic Book Wizard:


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  1. Rebecca

    HI Ellen, I have used in the past too. They give a numerical level but it is easy to correlate that to a letter.

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